Steeped in over 135 years of tradition, this historic pub holds a special place in the hearts of locals. We invite you to pull up a chair and experience firsthand why the charming Yandina Hotel has stood the test of time as one of the area’s most beloved institutions. Stepping through the doors here is like taking a step back in time – but the history behind this iconic local establishment is just as fascinating as the charm within its walls. Let’s take a look at some of the key moments that have shaped the Yandina Hotel over its 135 years of operation.

Established in 1887

The Yandina Hotel first opened its doors in 1887 known as the Australian Hotel, making it one of the earliest pubs still in operation along the Sunshine Coast. It was founded during a period of immense growth and development in the local area. Yandina was situated along a vital route between Brisbane and the bustling goldfields town of Gympie, with many new roads, railways and other infrastructure projects underway. Among the thirsty workers were those clearing land, building the sugar cane industry and more. Soon the Yandina Hotel became a popular watering hole for all these pioneer locals.

On the move!

The original building that housed the pub was constructed just a little way down the road by John Sommer in 1887. However, he soon realised it was actually situated in the wrong spot – right along busy Gympie Road. So in 1891, the bold decision was made to physically move the entire building to its current location on Stevens Street. An incredible engineering feat at the time, the pub was lifted onto skids and hauled approximately 400 metres by a team of bullocks to its present site. Amazingly, not a drop was spilled from the barrels during this epic relocation!

A Hub for the Local Community

Ever since, the Yandina Hotel has remained a cherished meeting place and favourite haunt for residents. Generations of families have grown up frequenting the pub for social gatherings, live music and sporting events over the past 130+ years. Locals still flock to enjoy the hearty pub grub, cold beverages and friendly service that have remained consistent trademarks. Wander through and you’ll spot photographs chronicling the hotel’s colourful history alongside the faces of patrons past and present. It’s clear this historic watering hole remains the beating heart of Yandina.

Renovations for the Future

While the classic charm and colonial fittings pay homage to eras gone by, modern upgrades in recent decades have ensured the Yandina Hotel continues to thrive for many more years to come. A bottle shop was added alongside substantial refurbishments to dining facilities, amenities and more. The drive-thru bottle-o, opened in 1987, has become a hugely popular convenient option for locals. Current owners have also lovingly restored original exterior features and interiors to maintain that stepping-back-in-time feel. Their vision will preserve this iconic local institution for patrons new and old to enjoy.

So whether you’re a long-time local or first-time visitor, pull up a stool at the Yandina Hotel. Raise a glass to toast over a century of history within these historic walls. And discover why this charming country pub remains unofficially crowned as ‘The People’s Place’ of the Sunshine Coast region.

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