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Yandina is one of the oldest towns on the Sunshine Coast – famous for its pub the Yandina Hotel, The Ginger Factory, Yandina Station and its charming town centre full of heritage-listed buildings. The curious traveller will be well-rewarded with surprises like natural swimming holes, amazing walking trails, one of the Sunshine Coast’s best weekend markets and one of Australia’s most famous restaurants – Spirit House Restaurant & Cooking School. In recent years the hinterland town has seen a resurgence, emerging as a flourishing creative village.


The Ginger Factory

From a small farming community in the pre World War 1 days, to one of the world’s finest ginger producers, foods processors and tourist destinations,…

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Yandina Caravan Park

Yandina Caravan Park is situated on the banks of the South Maroochydore river and is perfectly situated being in the centre of the Sunshine Coast. Read More

Yandina Hotel

Come and visit our little piece of pub history and one of the oldest buildings on the Sunshine Coast established in 1887 by Australian pioneers….

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Yandina Map

Explore the hidden gems and vibrant attractions of Yandina with our beautifully illustrated map.

This comprehensive guide showcases all the must-visit locations, including historical landmarks, charming cafes, unique shops, and breathtaking natural wonders. Whether you’re a local resident or a curious traveler, this map is your key to discovering the best of Yandina. Click the button below to download the map and embark on an unforgettable adventure in this picturesque town.


A town with a unique history

Did you know Yandina is one of the oldest towns on the Sunshine Coast?

The first Europeans to occupy ‘Maroochie’, later known as Yandina, were the Skyring brothers who applied for and were granted leases in 1853 for three cattle runs extending northward from the Maroochy and South Maroochy Rivers. The approach to Yandina over the James Low Bridge identifies an historic place dating from the days when the Brisbane to Gympie Road crossed by a ford in 1868. Timber getters were some of the earliest arrivals in the late 1860’s.



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